Support the Library this One Day One SMC

by Lauren MacDonald | April 11, 2024

On this day of giving, we ask you to support library initiatives that directly contribute to student success, strengthen our community, and provide the resources our students need to become lifelong learners. 

Walking into the Saint Albert Hall Library, you are instantly surrounded by the engagement, creativity, studiousness, and activism of the Saint Mary's student body. Every day, students fill all three floors as they collaborate on class projects, craft with guest artists for Crafternoons, read their writing during Pause for Poetry, meet with librarians to find credible research, gather with friends around the chess board, and even spar for their Jan Term fencing class. They source evidence from print and online resources for capstone projects, tuck themselves into cubicles with Seminar readings, draw cell diagrams on whiteboards, and paint canvases in the sunlight. 

These diverse learners and engaged scholars need multimodal resources to listen to audiobooks on the treadmill, including film clips in video essays, collect and analyze data, and engage with history using digitized news archives. They also need multipurpose spaces to both come together as a community and retreat to find focus in a world of distraction. 

The Library has always been a cornerstone in helping students succeed and explore their passions inside the classroom and beyond. Your support for the Library on One Day One SMC will help us fund programs to attract new generations of students and support their academic success. We invite you to contribute to this mission with a donation today.

Visit the Library Initiatives page to give today!