Tuition Waiver Form - Undergraduate

Instructions for completing the application:

  1. Tuition waiver application for full-time undergraduate students must be completed once per academic year and submitted to Human Resources one (1) month prior to registration.
  2. Applications for courses less than full-time must be completed and submitted to Human Resources one (1) month prior to the start of each term. Do not complete this application until the student has been pre-registered.
  3. Make sure to complete the total number of courses being taken, the term and year, and sign the application.
Dependent for Tax Purposes?
Academic Program
NOTE: Summer session travel courses are NOTE eligible for tuition remission
Preregistered (please do not submit this form until student is preregistered)

Conditions of Tuition Waiver:

Tuition Waiver Benefit

After one year of employment, full-time employees and their eligible dependents are eligible to take advantage of attendance in most Saint Mary’s College courses, with reduced or fully waived tuition, subject to certain limitations summarized in this section, and described more fully in the Tuition Waiver Policy available in Human Resources and on the HR website.

Requirements and Limitations:

A partial list of tuition waiver requirements and limitations applicable to employee, spouse and children of employees includes (please read the policy for a full list of requirements and limitations):

  1. Employees must have completed one (1) year of full-time employment with the College to be eligible for tuition waiver for themselves, spouses or eligible (dependent) children. Eligible children must begin their program prior to attaining age 21.
  2. An applicant for tuition waiver must meet the normal application and admissions requirements of the College and of the academic program for which application is being made.
  3. Tuition waiver for any one student, including employees and their dependents, and near relatives of Christian Brothers, may be received for a maximum of four (4) academic years and may be applied only to courses undertaken in a single degree or certificate program.
  4. All employee tuition waiver benefits must be approved by Saint Mary’s Human Resources department.
  5. Application for a waiver shall be made to Human Resources at the time application for admission to the College is made. Renewal applications for full-time enrollment shall be made to Human Resources on or before the beginning of each academic year. Renewal applications for part-time enrollment shall be made before the beginning of each term.
  6. This plan may be revoked or modified by the Board of Trustees of the College, effective for current or future participants and commencing with the academic year immediately following the date of such revocation or modification.
  7. The tuition waiver is for tuition only and will not waive course fees (for lab materials, travel, etc.), mandatory fees (student body fee, health insurance, etc.) or any food and housing fees.

Please note: Tuition waivers for undergraduate courses are considered to be tax exempt per IRS section #117.

By initialing below I am indicating I have read and understand the above requirements and limitations regarding the Tuition Waiver Benefit: