Academic Evaluation Change Resource Page (formerly Special Action Petition) [Not a Form]

The Office of the Registrar has launched a new process in which a student's academic evaluation is to be updated. Effective immediately, the student initiated Special Action Petition form has been closed.  We will honor previous submissions prior to the form closure, but are no longer accepting new petition submissions.


Special Action Petitions were used as requests for substituions and/or waivers on a student's academic evaluation.


Students will begin the new process by contacting their advisor to discuss their request.

After meeting, either advisor or student will need to contact a Director or Chair.

 If approved, the correct Director, or Chair will need to submit an Academic Evaluation Request Form on the student’s behalf. This form will come directly to our office to be processed, eliminating multiple emails and reducing wait time for students. Both the submitter, and student will receive a confirmation email once processed.

If denied, there is no need for any further action.


Students will need to ensure they are contacting the right Chair or Director to review their request. After meeting with your advisor, please use the tool below to ensure you have the correct contact.

Academic Evaluation Areas:

  • Core Curriculum

    • Habits of Mind

      • Seminar

      • English Composition

      • Writing in the Discipline

    • Pathways to Knowledge:

      • Art: Analysis & Creative Practice

      • Social, Historical, and Cultural Understanding

      • Mathematical Understanding

      • Science: Lecture and Lab

      • Theology: Christian Foundation and Theological Explorations

    • Engaging the World

      • American Diversity

      • Common Good

      • Community Engagement

      • Global Perspective

    • January Term

    • Second Language Proficiency