Custodial Services

The Custodial Services Team (contracted through Able Building Management) is responsible for keeping our campus community clean.   They perform routine cleaning services (generally on a daily and weekly basis) in all campus buildings and also perform special services on a periodic schedule.    

Enhanced Cleaning Specifications and Schedules

Effective July 1, 2022

General & Routine Services

  • Emptying of compost, recycling, and waste receptacles
  • Floor cleaning (mopping and/or vacuuming; carpet spot cleaning as needed)
  • Restroom cleaning, disinfecting, replenishment of paper and soap supplies

The majority of the cleaning performed in the central campus area is completed before 8:00 AM and services in administrative areas will be performed before noon. Custodial Services in the residence halls are generally performed between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.   

You may find the cleaning specifications and schedules for your building or area below.  Please contact Facilities Services at extension 4286 or should you have any questions about these services.


Custodial Specifications & Schedules
Academic - Classrooms

Brousseau, Dante, Filippi Academic Hall,

Garaventa, Galileo, Korth Arcade, 

LeFevre Theatre, Museum of Art, 

Psychology, Sichel

Academic - Library Saint Albert Hall Library
Administrative & Support

Augustine (ground floor), Brother Jerome West,

Brother Urban Gregory, De La Salle (ground floor),

Facilities Services, Ferroggiaro, Filippi Hall, 

IT Services Modular, Post Office, Print Shop,

St. Joseph, Rheem Campus

Athletic & Recreation

Alioto Recreation Center, Baseball Modular, Madigan,

McKeon Pavilion (incl. Modular Admin. & Ticket Offices)

Central Campus Common Areas Arcades / Covered Walkways
Chapel Saint Mary's College Chapel
Events & Food Service 

Cafe Louis, Cassin, Dryden Hall,

Faculty/Staff Dining, Oliver Hall, Soda Center

Residential - Suite Style

Aquinas, Ferdinand & Camille Ageno,

Marjorie D. Ageno, Michael Ageno, Becket,

Claeys Hall North, Claeys Hall South, More

Residential - Townhouse

Ageno East, Ageno West, Freitas, Guerrieri East,

Guerrieri West, Sabatte, Syufy, Thille

Residential - Traditional

Assumption, Augustine, De La Salle,

Justin, Mitty