Theatre Scholarship Audition

Theatre Scholarship Audition


Performance and Theatre Studies

Actors (also recommended for Directors and Playwrights)


Submit to a one-minute video recording of a contemporary monologue or poem (original or published) that reveals skills in storytelling, character, language, physical expressivity, and imagination. This is a chance to show your preparation and passion. Have fun! 

TIPS: Your program should be fully memorized, rehearsed, well-lit, supported with clear audio and visuals, and should not exceed the allotted time. Use a plain background, if possible.


If you qualify for an in-person audition on January 20, 2024, in addition to portions of your monologue, you will be asked to prepare a 90-second silent movement study. Choose from the following topics:   

  • Choose a “daily routine” – some sequence of ordinary physical actions you perform about the same every day. Now, imagine that your environment has become gigantic, ala Alice in Wonderland. Try to complete your “routine” anyway, using these giant objects. Find new steps and solutions to achieve your goal. 
  • You are a kid. One day, as you are walking your dog, an “unreal” event occurs. The event is magical or truly terrifying, or both – and it takes you on a journey. At the end, you manage to return to what you were doing at the start. 

TIPS: Practice your movement study. Focus on using your body fully, and connecting with the space around you. Keep your study silent, and avoid “mimed dialogue.” We’re looking for bold choices, a strong commitment to action, expressive physicality, and a clear connection between imagination and body.