Theatre Scholarship Audition

Theatre Scholarship Audition



Performance and Theatre Studies

Actors (also recommended for Directors and Playwrights)


Submit to a one-minute video recording of a contemporary monologue or poem (original or published) that reveals skills in storytelling, character, language, physical expressivity, and imagination. This is a chance to show your preparation and passion. Have fun! 

TIPS: Your program should be fully memorized, rehearsed, well-lit, supported with clear audio and visuals, and should not exceed the allotted time. Use a plain background, if possible.


If you qualify for an in-person audition on January 25, 2025, in addition to portions of your monologue, you will be asked to prepare a 90-second silent movement study. Choose from the following topics:   

  • Choose a “daily routine” – some sequence of ordinary physical actions you perform about the same every day. Now, imagine that your environment has become gigantic, a la Alice in Wonderland. Try to complete your “routine” anyway, using these giant objects. Find new steps and solutions to achieve your goal. 
  • You are a kid. One day, as you are walking your dog, an “unreal” event occurs. The event is magical or truly terrifying, or both – and it takes you on a journey. At the end, you manage to return to what you were doing at the start. 

TIPS: Practice your movement study. Focus on using your body fully, and connecting with the space around you. Keep your study silent, and avoid “mimed dialogue.” We’re looking for bold choices, a strong commitment to action, expressive physicality, and a clear connection between imagination and body.