Theatre Tech Scholarship Audition

Theatre Tech Scholarship Audition


Designers/Technicians (Includes stage managers, carpenters, sound designers, props artisans, scenic painters, etc.)




A one-minute video recording giving us a guided tour of something you made. For example, it could be a prop, an artwork or craft project, a costume, or a prompt book. Show and describe details that you’re proud of. Tell us about at least one technique or tool that you used in making it, and explain why you chose that technique/tool. 




Record a one-minute video telling us about a time you were collaborating with others and faced a challenge. How did you use your problem-solving skills to overcome it? How did you find an innovative solution? How did you honor the input of everyone involved?


The video should not exceed one minute.


TIPS: Craft the video so it tells the viewer a story with a beginning, middle and end. You may include pictures, title cards, or slides. Your program should demonstrate preparation, be well-lit, and supported with clear audio.