Instructions to drive on behalf of Saint Mary's College of California


If you are an employee, student or volunteer and are transporting others or yourself for any sort of school sponsored event, you need to be on Saint Mary’s automobile insurance.  To do so you need to complete a Motor Vehicle Report (also known as a MVR).  This runs your driving record through the DMV.  Assuming you have a clean record (less than 2 points and a valid and active license with the state of issue within the 50 US states) , you will then be added to the list of approved drivers for the college. Unfortunately we can not allow any drivers who have licenses from outside the United States which includes US Territories.

Students and volunteers need to submit these forms annually and once approved, will be listed on a link on the Administrative Services web page noting only the name of the individual and the state where they have a driver’s license.  The list of approved drivers for students is refreshed every July, so if you haven’t submitted a request since July, please resubmit a form.

Employees need to have their licenses run every two to three years.  The information will not be posted on the website, but your status can be checked with the Business Office.  Reports are run every few years to ensure that the individual still meets the minimum requirements to drive on behalf of the college.  If you haven’t submitted your information in the past two to three years, you may go ahead and submit or be aware that this request may come at any time. 

If for some reason you are not authorized to drive for the college your supervisor or instructor will be notified.  You do have a right to review your individual record and may request this via Shannon Murray in the business office.

Please note that all requests for approval to drive should be submitted at least one week prior to driving for the college.  Anything shorter cannot be ensured to be approved in advance. Additionally we can not process drivers licenses from US Territories or foreign countries.  

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Shannon Murray ( in the Business Office.

Go here to make your request online.  Please allow 5-7 business days for the form to be processed.