Credential Application Form

This form is to be used by all candidates enrolled in credential preparation programs at the Kalmanovitz School of Education (KSOE). Additional information regarding the credential process can also be found through the Credential Office website.


Candidates should only use this form after they have completed and submitted all requirements of the program. 

Please provide month, day and year. Example format: 00/00/0000


By submitting this document I am indicating that I have met the following requirements and I am ready for the Credential Analyst to begin reviewing my credential application for submission to the CTC:

  • I have met all KSOE program requirements.
  • The above email and phone number will be valid for 90 days.
  • I understand that I must pay for my credential on the CTC website within 90 days of receiving my CTC recommendation email.
  • I have confirmed that my CTC account has accurate and current contact information for me (
I have read and agree to the statement above.