Data Science, BS

Data Science, BS

Develop cutting-edge skills with a data science degree and solve real-world problems.

Our data science degree leverages the Bay Area’s culture of innovation, empowering you to help communities become more sustainable and to move organizations forward. Guided by renowned faculty, you’ll develop the theoretical and practical knowledge to analyze data in a meaningful, impactful way. 

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and hone your skills through real-world experiences such as internships, studying abroad, and analytics projects. Your studies will culminate with your Senior Capstone, as you draw on your learning experience to present and defend your research findings before faculty and experts.


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Data Science Curriculum

  • Develop in-depth understanding of data science tools and techniques; 
  • Extract insights from big data to solve problems in real-world contexts and communicate these solutions effectively; 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in programming languages and knowledge of software tools for analytics.