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All organizations collect data, but turning that data into actionable insights requires the analytical knowledge and skills developed through the Analytics Department. Our goal is to provide students with up-to-date knowledge, cutting-edge tools, and critical thinking skills to address real-world problems, confront humanity’s urgent challenges, and to guide graduates to meaningful and sustainable employment.


Undergraduate Programs

Saint Mary's Analytics Department offers two Bachelor of Science degrees and one Bachelor of Arts Degree. The Data Analytics, BA is ideal for students looking for a focused analytics training for modern day problem-solving: Healthcare Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, Sports Analyst. The Business Analytics, BS is perfect for students who want a strong business foundation through an analytics lens: Market Research, Ops Research, Financial Analyst. The Data Science, BS is for those looking for a strong-technical and mathematical foundation: Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Data Engineer.

Minor Program

Saint Mary's Analytics Department offers two minors degrees: the Data Science Minor and the Blockchain Minor. Saint Mary’s Data Science Minor empowers you to move organizations forward by leveraging the Bay Area’s culture of innovation. Responding to the high demand for specialists, the Saint Mary’s Blockchain Minor develops students who can apply tools and techniques in Blockchain and AI to transform our society.

Master of Science

The MS Business Analytics program is designed to demystify the world of data through real-world data sets and innovative technologies. Past student projects include working hand-in-hand with Macy’s Director of Advanced Analytics, creating a Google-sponsored app, and expanding Zillow’s home pricing models. The MSBA will boost your credibility and earning potential as well as your network of business connections.




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Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to need and merit-based scholarships, incoming students are eligible for the Accounting and Business Administration Scholarship, totaling up to $13,000 per year.

Career Resources

Make the most out of your business degree. With the SEBA Career Center, learn how to streamline your job search, perfect your resume, create lasting connections in your industry, and so much more.

Saint Mary's Data Science Club

Data Science Club

This student-run organization provides essential information and networking opportunities in a relaxed social setting. Guest speakers regularly come share about the techniques and possibilities of the Data Science field.