Anthropology, BA

Anthropology, BA

Live with and study cultures throughout the world. Discover universal truths and distinctions amongst all humans. Our program will challenge you to look at human beings and their communities from every vantage point imaginable—biological, theological, environmental, and sociological, to name but a few. You’ll engage with the past and present through primary sources, hands-on research, and contemporary digital research methods.

With our outstanding, approachable faculty as your guide, you’ll learn how to situate contemporary events within the context of the human narrative while sharpening  you critical thinking and communication abilities. As the culmination of your study, you will create an original work of anthropological research, using the tools and knowledge you’ve gained throughout your time at Saint Mary’s. 


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Anthropology, BA


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When students have completed the anthropology program they will be able to:

  • Appreciate the great diversity of human cultures and the interrelatedness of economic, socio-political and religious systems.
  • Approach cultural diversity with thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Examine their lives in social and cultural contexts and assess how their lives are affected by the specific time and place in which they live.
  • Understand anthropological theory and methods and how they are applicable in and beyond academia.
  • Employ critical reading, writing and thinking skills that will allow them to understand and contribute to an increasingly complex, multicultural and interdependent world.
  • Express themselves with confidence and clarity in both oral and written communication. This includes an understanding of the difference between primary and secondary sources and how to properly cite and reference those sources.

Saint Mary's Testimonials

“It was because of these professors that I secured a position in my field directly after graduation. This was the result of more than just the skills I was taught, but thanks to my advisor searching and finding field school opportunities specific to me. Without her guidance and support, I wouldn’t be on my current career path.”

Carly Walker, Class of 2018, Anthropology and Art History

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