History Minor

History Minor

Historians examine the past to reimagine our future.

Our program will challenge you to think, read, and write about issues arising from the tensions societies face in every generation. You will progress through 2.5 million years of history, from the Paleolithic Era to the present day, engaging with the past through primary sources, hands-on research, and contemporary digital research methods. With our outstanding, approachable faculty as your guide, you will learn how to situate contemporary events within the context of the human narrative. 

Graduates from our program have gone on to careers in history, law, education, and more. A history degree will equip you for any profession that requires research, analyzing documents and data, thinking critically, reading closely, making oral arguments, and writing persuasively.


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Upon completion of the History program, students will be able to:


  • THINK historically, read critically, write coherently, speak persuasively, and communicate effectively.
  • SITUATE major historical events within their proper chronological, geographical, thematic, and comparative context.
  • CONNECT and integrate historical knowledge, grasp the ethical and moral dimensions of history, and appreciate the complex and often multi-causal origins of past events.
  • IDENTIFY and interpret a variety of historical sources, both primary and secondary.
  • EXPLAIN the value and application of historiography and various historical methods, approaches, and theories.
  • EVALUATE and critically assess the validity of historical evidence and interpretations.
  • USE primary and secondary sources to construct sophisticated, persuasive, and logical interpretations of historical problems and events.

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