Politics Minor

Politics Minor

Grapple with enduring questions about freedom, justice, equality, and democracy. 

The Politics Department will challenge you to analyze political thought, political institutions, and political action. In small, Socratic seminar-style classes, our devoted and knowledgeable faculty will guide you through vital conversations about conflict and cooperation between individuals and governments and amongst governments themselves. 

This minor in Politics is designed to give a broad understanding of all manner of political frameworks; you’ll have the opportunity to explore everything from the politics of Vladimir Lenin to the interpersonal politics of gender in the workplace. 

You will leave Saint Mary’s with a greater insight into public affairs and a wealth of conceptual, analytical, and communication skills that will be valuable in any career. Graduates of our program have gone on to be senators, prosecutors, professors, and providers of humanitarian aid.

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Learning Outcomes

Students who have completed the Politics minor will be able to do the following:

  • DEMONSTRATE knowledge of institutions, principles, and theories of American constitutional democracy. 
  • DEMONSTRATE substantive knowledge of:
    • Political theory and structure
    • Dynamics of political conflict
    • The historical and cultural contexts of political events
  • DEMONSTRATE understanding of and proficiency in the use of standard research techniques relevant to political science issues.
  • PRODUCE clear and effective analysis of significant political issues.
  • DEVELOP a commitment to civic engagement.

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