LEAP Capstone Projects


The Senior Capstone Project is an individualized course of study designed for students to complete a culminating research project that advances the field of Performing Arts, while simultaneously relating to future career goals.

Past projects have including marketing and business plans, creative projects for stage or film, research papers, creative writing, internships, and so much more.

Featured Projects

J. Anderson Headshot

"It is my hope that by hearing the stories of others, dancers will find within themselves the ability to loosen the ties to their limiting beliefs—the rules—that have held them back. I hope that it will be made clear that stepping off the grid isn’t an act of aimlessness, but rather a bold venture into the unknown. I hope that we will all become more fearless in walking through the field, knowing that even though our path may not yet be well-worn, our steps are crossing, pausing, and retracing those made by other adventurous souls before us. I hope that we all might experience more of life, more of ourselves, and more of each other for having once made an audacious choice to pursue our second act. ."

— J. Anderson, 2022

Faculty Advisor: Jason Jakaitis

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Alex Chester Headshot

"Hapa Mag is an online publication written by mixed Asians for everyone. We are in our third year of publishing, and we have grown so much in these past few years. However, my business skills when it comes to marketing are moot aside from how to market myself as an actor. Trying to translate what I know as an actor to a publication has some significant blind spots. As actors, we continuously have to remarket ourselves, but with an up-and-coming publication, this doesn’t necessarily translate into the same terms and goals. This is why I chose to pursue a marketing plan for Hapa Mag. [...] Having this extraordinary experience working with Jill and creating a marketing plan for Hapa Mag has given me the confidence for the year ahead of us. I am excited for our future issues, new website, the film festival, and any other opportunities that come our way. I know we are fully capable of realizing our goals."

— Alex Chester, 2021

Faculty Advisor: Jill Randall

Hapa Mag has grown and evolved into Mixed Asian Media.

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David Freeland Jr. Headshot

"I have done my share of photoshoots and filming always as the talent, but never having a hand in creating the finished product. I wanted to learn about the history of dance on film, pre and post production, camera movement, and editing. With the help of my professor I was able to successfully achieve those goals and create my first dance film, Parking Pas [...] Through careful editing, I was able to sync the movement and music together creating a beautiful and cohesive film. I want audiences who may see my film to be inspired to go out and get creative with their art forms. In a time when we do not know when we will be able to sit in a theater, we have to remember there is a whole world out there that can be turned into a performative space. The skills I have learned during this process have inspired me to create more films in the future. "

— David Freeland, Jr., 2020

Faculty Advisor: Jenny Stulberg


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Mackenzie Martin

"GENESIS Studios future success is no doubtably linked to the exploration,
development, and critical thinking applied in my senior capstone. The understanding gained in conversation under mentorship by Amy Kweskin allowed my process to root deeply in thoughtful curation and approach to foundational business structures, concepts, and ultimately helped me identify my customers on a profound level which has gifted me key intel that will help support the community created at GENESIS for years to come."

— Mackenzie Martin, 2022

Faculty Advisor: Amy Kweskin

After completing her project, Mackenzie successfully realized her business plan:

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Natasha Sheehan Headshot

"Whatever I’m into, whether it’s ballet or healthy food, I’ll research anything and everything about it. I’ve found that eating food in its natural state makes me feel my best, so I’ve stuck with that." 

— Natasha Sheehan, 2021

(quote pulled from Dance Magazine)



Faculty Advisor: Jay Chugh

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Alanna Swovelin Headshot

"My Senior Project acted as the culminating pinnacle of my undergraduate career due to
its application towards personal and professional advancement. The Liberal Education for Arts Professional program through Saint Mary's College of California has allowed me to use my professional experience towards completing a Bachelor's degree. Having come from the world of classical and contemporary ballet, Alonzo King LINES Ballet is a household name. I remember during training as a kid, I saw a photo of a LINES dancer wearing a green flat tutu in Dance Magazine. It was truly stunning, and that image has stayed with me ever since. For years I have been impressed and inspired by the work of Alonzo King LINES Ballet, and this internship gave me the opportunity to give back in the same way the company has so graciously done for me [...] One thing I know for sure is that I would like to continue in arts management and administration. My internship with LINES has made me realize and reconnect with my passion to coordinate and support management that inspires and fosters dynamic creative expression and personal empowerment through inclusion and collaboration within the arts. "

— Alanna Swovelin, 2021

Faculty Advisor: Jill Randall

Part of Alanna's internship was to manage a tour for LINES:

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Amanda Vortmann Headshot

"The surest guarantee in life is that one day, you will die. Death is inevitable for us all and as of yet, a cure to this certainty has not been found. For the most part, in life, certitudes bring about a sense of control and, with that control, empowerment. The opposite seems to be true for the inescapability of death. Instead of a sense of calm accompanying our thought of this expected event, dying is shrouded in terror, panic, and apprehension. My studying of death and dying in western culture has exposed a lack of acceptance and communication resulting in it becoming a taboo subject. In rendering the topic silent, our lives are denied the rights, rituals, and respect they deserve. I argue that in addressing our end-of-life desires and fostering conversations within our community we can ritualize the experience and in doing so, we can optimize our remaining existence as well as afford comfort for those left to grieve our passing."

— Amanda Vortmann, 2022

Faculty Advisor: Jay Chugh


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