Theatre Minor

Theatre Minor

Gain a broad knowledge base for collaborative theatre-making.  

In our program, you’ll engage with theatre on multiple levels—creative, intellectual, and practical. Guided by our outstanding faculty, you’ll receive conservatory-caliber training in a small class setting. As a Theater Minor, you’ll immerse yourself in dramaturgy, communication, and visual literacy, while also gaining hands-on production and performance experience. You’ll have the opportunity to attend shows throughout the Bay Area and work with a diverse range of guest artists. 

This minor pairs well with any major. Students graduate well-equipped for a career in theatre, both onstage and off. Others put their critical, technical, and creative skills to work outside of the arts, in education, therapy, and beyond.

Myriad possibilities await you, and we are here to prepare you for them!

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Get to know our well-respected faculty and their specialties, as artists and scholars. Or explore scholarship opportunities and an array of performance possibilities.

Upon successfully completing a degree in Theatre, students will be able to...

 • Employ appropriately the basic technical terms generally used in an art form when discussing individual works, and identify specific elements of the aesthetic, historical and cultural context of a work of art by comparing it to others from the same context.

• Utilize a cross-disciplinary perspective in the arts and a familiarity with the Great Books / liberal arts tradition to identify the ways performing artists draw inspiration from nature, history, imagination, and the creative ideas and influences of others.

• Recognize similarities in structure (such as elements of phrasing) shared by all three performing arts and be able to articulate the significance of structural elements in the analysis of a work’s form and meaning.

• Engage in critical discourse that transcends personal opinion and acknowledges, respects and integrates the insights of other students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

• Demonstrate the capacity for sustained and focused rehearsal efforts and for working collaboratively with different directors and performers.

• Perform the works of great choreographers, composers, and playwrights, as well as original /contemporary works of living artists.

• Adapt performance skills both in rehearsal and performance to the technical demands of specific masterworks of various styles and eras, as well as to original/contemporary works.

• Exhibit performance skills beyond the foundational to professional level while effectively negotiating the anxiety/excitement of live performance, and be conversant with advanced techniques of the discipline.

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