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We believe theatre has the power to wake us up, open our hearts, and inspire us to take action.

Students in our program are passionate theatre-makers and collaborative problem-solvers, in touch with the critical issues of our society.

In our program, you’ll cultivate your skill and artistry in a supportive environment, guided by our accomplished, approachable faculty. You’ll receive plenty of personalized attention as you engage with theatre from all angles—creatively, historically, theoretically, and professionally. No audition is required to major to minor in theatre. Our noncompetitive atmosphere gives all students the opportunity to participate in a production, even in their first year.

"Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it." --Augusto Boal


Our Partnerships with Professional Theatres

The San Francisco Bay Area is the third largest theatre market in the country, home to  innovative artists and companies all committed to making theatre that makes a difference. Saint Mary’s Theatre Program enjoys a special connection to this vibrant and diverse theatre community, and our partnerships with professional companies are central to the training we provide.   

Our majors and minors regularly attend professional productions as part of their coursework - placing them in conversation with American theatre’s cutting edge. And we bring local professionals to campus, as guest designers, teachers, directors. These professional exchanges create opportunities for networking and professional mentoring, for auditioning and acting, and for paid positions as assistant directors, literary staff, stage managers, backstage crew, and more. Click here to read more...



A blurry photo of some college students cheersing with red solo cups at a party.

by the '23 Theatre Seniors


Twins Willow and Houston are throwing a graduation party, and Willow needs it to be perfect. But when old high school enemies show up uninvited, nothing goes as planned. Anything can happen in this hilarious pastiche of original material and songs, scenes, and monologues from contemporary plays and musicals. Conceived, written, and performed by senior Theatre majors and minors, this  show asks the question: how can we cope with an uncertain future in a time of change?  

April 20-23

Program & School Information

Deanna Zibello, Theatre Program Director
Tara Sundy, Performing Arts Coordinator & Events Manager/Box Office Manager