Dual Degree Engineering Program Agreement


The Engineering Program from Saint Mary's College of California is a dual degree program.

Upon completion of the requirements at both schools, students receive two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from SMC and a Bachelor of Science in the chosen Engineering discipline from their chosen second school. 

For the first three years, students take basic science and math courses (usually with an emphasis on Physics) and general education courses ("Core Curriculum" courses at SMC); and then finish the engineering coursework in the following two years at an approved school of their choice. (Accredited engineering schools are almost always approved.)  As a result, students receive two degrees upon completion of their coursework at both schools.'


The Washington University Advantage 

If a student maintains a 3.25 GPA (overall and in their science and mathematics courses) and takes the courses required (listed at Washington University and Saint Mary’s catalog) they are guaranteed admission to Washington University using a greatly simplified transfer process.

Completing a Dual Engineering Degree at Washington University in St. Louis offers students a variety of distinct benefits, including:

  • Research Institution: Engineering undergraduates have opportunities for one or more research, internship, or co-op experiences.
  • Close Community: there is thorough orientation, mentoring, and engineering-specific events led by Dual Degree peers, in addition to housing with other Dual Degree students.
  • Fully Prepared: students graduate with the scientific problem-solving skills, technical training, and personal development they'll need to succeed in any career.

Transfer Deadlines and Application

Application Timeline: Dec 16- Feb 28
Application: Washington University application and checklist

  • Apply using the Washington University Application (note: Common Application is not accepted).
  • Apply only after your fall grades have been recorded.


Alternative Engineering Schools

A student may apply to alternative engineering schools, however they must be approved by the program director. Most accredited engineering schools will be approved.

Previous students have transferred to USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Visit the USC School of Engineering webpage for transfer requirements.