Computer Science Certificate

Computer Science Certificate

Gain in-demand skills to thrive in a tech-driven marketplace.

Saint Mary’s online Computer Science certificate is designed for those seeking to enhance their resume with a foundational understanding of computing. Whether you’ve already completed your Bachelor’s degree, are currently completing one, or are ready to pursue graduate studies in Computer Science, this certificate will provide you with the coding and programming know-how, hands-on experience, and revamped portfolio to seek out job opportunities in fast-growing sectors. Our virtual certificate program is flexible and customizable, allowing you to continue working and still finish in less than a year, while learning essential skills in Python and Java Programming, data structures, and algorithms. 

Saint Mary’s College is located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, a world-renowned hub of tech leaders, startups, and research labs. Our Computer Science program is also unique in its emphasis on ethical and equitable technology. Guided by seasoned industry experts, you’ll gain a competitive edge while wrestling with some of the most pressing questions of our time. All of this takes place in small, discussion-driven cohorts, a hallmark of Saint Mary’s liberal arts tradition.


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Students will be able to:

  • Write, analyze, debug, and apply computer programs to computational problem solving and data analysis
  • Communicate algorithmic and computational ideas and concepts correctly and clearly in both oral and written forms using logical reasoning and appropriate terminology and symbolic representation

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