Physics Minor

Physics Minor

Untangle the mysteries behind the universe, from the velocity of steam to the power of a supernova. 

This minor will enhance any degree, opening up a variety of science-related career paths. Using a balance of theoretical, experimental, and computational work, our program will provide you with a foundational understanding of physical phenomena and natural systems. All of this takes place within small, discussion-rooted classes, a hallmark of the liberal arts tradition.

Guided by our renowned, approachable faculty, you’ll hone your ability to wrestle with unfamiliar problems and ethical issues, the tools to investigate topics in-depth, and the communication skills needed to share information with others. We’re committed to providing you with hands-on opportunities through the laboratory, field research at home and abroad, and independent study.


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S​​tudents who graduate with a major in physics will be able to

  • Analyze complex and subtle physical phenomena and systems
  • Identify the physical and mathematical principles relevant to a system - even principles that are addressed in separate courses and disciplines
  • Carry out the necessary analysis and synthesis to model the system accurately
  • Effectively communicate their results

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