Academic Probation and Review (UG)

Academic Probation and Review (UG)

This policy can be found in the 2021 - 2022 Student Handbook and was passed/approved by the Saint Mary's College Faculty Senate on May 12, 2021.

Academic Standing 

Saint Mary’s College recognizes two regular categories of academic standing:  Satisfactory Academic Progress and Probationary Status. For detailed information, see Student Handbook.  Below is a summary of the policies.

Satisfactory Academic Progress 

A student who maintains a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 (C average) in all courses taken or accepted for credit at Saint Mary’s College is considered to be making satisfactory academic progress.

Financial Aid Office Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP: Financial Aid Office SAP is different than Academic Satisfactory Academic Progress. Federal regulations require the Financial Aid Office to monitor undergraduate and graduate students’ academic progress to ensure that students are maintaining a required cumulative GPA and finishing their degree within an allotted time frame. Aid can be withheld if a student does not make satisfactory progress. The Financial Aid Office will notify all students who do not meet SAP).

Probationary Status

A student who, at the end of fall or spring, fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress is considered to have probationary status. The Student Success Office will notify students in probationary status and their academic advisors and success coaches, in writing, that failure to achieve satisfactory academic progress no later than the close of the next long (i.e., fall or spring) term will subject students in probationary status to academic disqualification from further study at Saint Mary’s College.


In the event that a student withdraws from Saint Mary’s College after final grades are posted, the Academic Standing policy will still apply. The process will continue (as outlined) and notations may be added to a student's official transcript.

Major Change(s)

Students on any Probationary status can change their major, with the approval of the Chair of the Department they intend to major in for the purposes of pursuing classes that may be more in line with a student interest and/or career choice. However, it is important to note that the change of a major will not affect academic status (cumulative GPA will remain the same regardless of academic program).

Subject to Academic Disqualification

A student is subject to academic disqualification from further study at Saint Mary’s if:

  • A student is already in probationary status and fails to resume satisfactory academic progress by the end of the semester of probation.

A student who is not in probationary status may be subject to disqualification if:

  • The student’s cumulative GPA falls below 1.55 for all courses taken or accepted for credit.

Students subject to disqualification will be notified promptly, in writing, by the Student Success Office. Students are responsible for their academic standing after grades are posted, and for responding to the notification within one week. Failure to respond may lead to a student’s being disqualified automatically. The Academic Probation Review Board has the authority to uphold the disqualification or grant Special Academic Probation for extenuating circumstances.

Special Academic Probation

Special Academic Probation may be granted at the discretion of the Academic Probation Review Board, whose members include the Registrar, faculty representatives, the Dean of Students, and Student Success Office representatives. In addition to the information contained in the student’s petition, the board may seek the advice of the student’s instructors, academic advisor, school dean, and others when appropriate. Special Academic Probation is granted pursuant to the following conditions:

  • Filing of a timely appeal against disqualification for cause (e.g., existence of serious personal or health factors, or other special circumstances, which have substantially impaired the student’s ability to successfully meet the demands of the College’s academic programs);
  • Demonstration in the appeal of the reasonable expectation that the student can achieve satisfactory academic progress by the close of the next long (i.e., fall or spring) term;
  • Acceptance by the student of the conditions specified by the Academic Probation Review Board, which will lead to the resumption of satisfactory academic progress by the close of the next long term.

Students who fail to meet the conditions of the Special Academic Probation by the end of the next long term will be immediately disqualified. The Academic Probation Review Board exercises sole authority in cases of Special Academic Probation.

In extraordinary circumstances, a student may appeal a disqualification or other decision by the Academic Probation Review Board. This appeal must be made within 90 calendar days of notification of disqualification and will be considered only if there is strong and compelling evidence of incorrect procedure, error, or new information. The Vice Provost for Student Academics or their designee will determine whether to reopen the case on the Academic Probation Review Board.

Students disqualified from the College may reapply for readmission through the Office of the Registrar if they take Saint Mary’s courses in summer session or present work from another college or university that is acceptable for transfer credit, and that credit is sufficient to signify satisfactory academic progress, and a grade point average of 2.00 or higher. A decision on readmission to Saint Mary’s College is made by the Registrar at the recommendation of the Chair of the Academic Probation Review Board.

Note: Graduate and Professional Student policies related to Academic Standing are detailed in the GPS Academic Policies section of this handbook.



Last updated: June 9, 2021 (Spring 2021)