Meet the Academic Honor Council


Academic Honor Council

The highly collaborative council consists of 40+ diverse faculty and student members who engage in inclusive and interactive outreach programming, unbiased adjudication process, and restorative educational sanctioning practices for students who violate the SMC Academic Honor Code.  The council creates and maintains a campus climate in which academic integrity and responsible research practices are fostered and embraced.

What We Do

From speaking to students and faculty to holding review boards, the Academic Honor Council works to uphold integrity within the SMC academic community.

The diverse Academic Honor Council performs many services on the SMC Campus such as:

  • Working closely with the College's administration and faculty to promote academic integrity
  • Reviewing and revising the Academic Honor Code
  • Providing innovative interactive workshops for all First Year Academic Cohorts (FYAC) and first year/transfer Collegiate Seminar classes about academic integrity, honor code compliance, and Gael traditions
  • Reviewing all cases of alleged honor code violations through unbiased and fair adjudication process
  • Facilitating restorative educational Integrity Seminars for peers found in violation of the Academic Honor Code
  • And many more...

2022-2023 Academic Honor Council:

Alex Martin and Annie Stearns, student co-chairs

Professor Zach Flanagin, faculty advisor

Interested in becoming a member of the Academic Honor Council? Contact the co-chairs or the Academic Honor Council Coordinator Ophelia Leong here:

Academic Honor Council Coordinator

Ophelia Leong smiles under the dogwood trees on campus in her blue jacket.

Located in The Advising Office in Filippi Administrative Hall, Ophelia Leong is the Administrative Assistant for Academic Services as well as the Academic Honor Council Coordinator. Her role in the Academic Honor Council is to meet with students, facilitate the Hearings, answer questions, prepare materials, and provide support to all those involved. She is a neutral party in the proceedings and is there to make sure everyone is treated fairly, respectfully, and empathetically. 

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns: or (925) 631-8273