Credit Transfer Guide


Apply at Anytime

You can apply to transfer to Saint Mary’s College with no minimum credits. Meet with an admissions counselor to review your transcripts and determine your eligibility. If you meet Saint Mary’s admission requirements, you’ll be admitted on-the-spot.


Guarantee Your Admission

It’s easy to guarantee your spot at Saint Mary’s College. Meet the requirements for our Guaranteed Transfer Admission Program and you’re in!


  • Complete 23 UC transferable semester or 34 quarter units
  • A cumulative academic GPA of 2.50 calculated by Saint Mary’s College
  • Good standing with your current institution
  • Academic GPA of 3.00 and above to receive a merit scholarship

Download the Credit Transfer Guide PDF

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Meet your transfer admissions representative.

If you're an incoming Saint Mary's transfer student, your admissions representative is Craig Means, MA '02; he can help with any questions you may have during the process.

Phone: 925-631-4226

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