Summer Travel Series


It's Jan Term without the homework.

Come see the world with us! You can enjoy a series of educational trips to meaningful destinations designed especially for you: Saint Mary's alumni and friends of all ages from the broader community.

Everyone is welcome! Join us to connect and explore new places with the world as our classroom.

In the summer of 2024, we are excited to host trips to six destinations with experienced Saint Mary's faculty as your guides. Registration is now available!

These friendly, inclusive trips will be led the Saint Mary's way, with small groups and some seminar-style discussions. On these adventures, you'll form unique bonds and make lifelong connections, and that will make the experience all the richer. Learning doesn’t end with your degree!


Summer 2024 destinations announced!


May 11-23, 2024
Walking the Way: The Camino to Santiago de Compostela
Professor Molly Metherd
$3,180 double / $3,690 single
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June 9-21, 2024
A Musical Journey through Austria
Professor Sixto F. Montesinos Jr. 
$3,575 double / $4,850 single
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June 28-July 7, 2024
Peru: Food and Culture
Professor Aaron D. Sachowitz
$3,940 double / $4,240 single
View Peru info


June 30-July14, 2024
Mayan Experience
Professor Álvaro Ramirez
$2,550 double / $3,400 single
View Mexico info

California - Cohasset Ridge

July 25-28, 2024
Yoga and Writing Retreat on the Cohasset Ridge
Professors Dana Lawton & Jennifer Kulbeck
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July 25-August 7, 2024
Endangered Australia: Wildlife and Culture
Professor Derek Marks
$3,865 double / $4,575 single
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Key dates 

Registration is now live and deposits are being accepted. 
Deposits due: March 4, 2024
Final payments due: April 29, 2024


SMC Student & Koala in Australia

Last year's travelers say:

“It was a truly fantastic experience. The group was great. I would love to do it all over again.”

“I absolutely loved the short history lesson provided before the trip.  It was so enlightening and really helped us appreciate the experience even more.”

“Great pace for multi-age group.”

“Out of all the activities and excursions, I greatly enjoyed the cooking class. Being able to create, learn new cooking methods, and work alongside my peers was very enjoyable. Not to mention, all the food that we created was delicious!”

“We saw so much, we did so much. Far surpassed my expectations.”