The Center for Writing Across the Curriculum publishes The Undergraduate Spectrum, a journal of undergraduate, academic writing at Saint Mary's College.


Undergraduate Cover 2018The Undergraduate, which was first published in 1991, is an academic journal devoted to showcasing exemplary work from the Collegiate Seminar Program. In addition to publishing traditional academic essays, we have also published alternative seminar assignments, such as letters or e-mails between different authors and self-reflection essays. Essays can be nominated by both faculty members and students.


2019 Newman Award Winners: Joy Balinbin, Taylor Brown, James Dawson, Bertha De La Torre, Katelyn McCarthy, Nikki Phan

Honorable Mentions: Mikayla Cree, Bertha De La Torre, Cara Filce, Katherine Funkhouser, Kathleen McGinley, Gill Wallace




Spectrum Cover 2018Spectrum was created in 1989 to honor exemplary writing across the disciplines. Potential submissions may include, but are not limited to, the following: essays, lab reports, reflections, non-fiction creative writing, Integral seminar essays, and business proposals.  Essays can be nominated by both faculty members and students.


2019 Spectrum Award Winners: Karla Margarita Anaya, Lindsey Calvin, Isaac Choi, Lindsey Gamache, Chris Gloudeman, Melia Granath-Panelo, Katie Hill, Kerry-Anne Loughman, Sierra Nguyen, William Roush, Ashlynn Yap-Chiongco

Honorable Mentions: Jordan Barcena, Lindsey Calvin, Siena Lococo, Elizabeth Magno, Kathleen McGinley, Angelica Moreira, Charlotte Moxley, Daisy Goiburn, Jamie Trunnell