1-1 Sessions


We work with writers from any discipline in hour-long advising sessions to address any aspect of the writing process.


We offer sessions in person in De La Salle, Room 110, and online on ConexED.


For a guide on how to sign up for online sessions, scroll down to the tutorial link below.


We look forward to working with you!

What is a 1-1 Session?

A writer and a Writing Adviser in a session in the Writing Center.

The session...

generally lasts for an hour, but can run shorter or longer depending on your needs.

The Adviser...

is here to help you brainstorm topics and theses, construct outlines, revise drafts, and post-outline.

The writer (You)...

shares their work or their screen with the Adviser, keeping the pen in the writer's hand, ready to mark, revise, and take ownership of their writing.

A Writing Circle Facilitator and a writer looking at a laptop screen.

Online Sessions

If you are not yet a ConexED user, please watch this tutorial video on how to sign up in order to schedule online sessions.


A: Of course! When filling out the scheduling form, just select their name to see when they're available.

Or, if you drop in for a session, just let us know with whom you'd like to schedule your appointment, and we can see when we can get you two scheduled.

A: Yes, although availability will vary.

A: There is no "penalty" for missing an appointment because we've found that, in our community here at Saint Mary's, it is rare for anyone to miss an appointment without calling us beforehand.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please let us know right away, so we can serve another writer who might otherwise be turned away.