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Did you produce phenomenal academic writing this calendar year? Submit to the Undergraduate Spectrum!


Both professors and students can nominate any work from this year (i.e. JanTerm-Fall). While we accept submissions throughout the year, our deadline is December 23.

All submissions will be judged by Writing Advisers and faculty members during JanTerm. Finalists will be notified in late January.

If you would like to be considered for the next publication, please fill out the Journal Submission Form.

2023 Journal Contest

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Submit your best writing

The submission period for the 2023 journals is now closed. Finalists will be announced by the end of Jan Term.

Any further submissions will roll over into the 2024 contest.

The Undergraduate journal cover

The Undergraduate

The Undergraduate, which was first published in 1991, is an academic journal devoted to showcasing exemplary work from the Collegiate Seminar Program. In addition to publishing traditional academic essays, we have also published alternative seminar assignments, such as letters or e-mails between different authors and self-reflection essays. Essays can be nominated by both faculty members and students.

2021 Newman Award Winners:  Mac Armstrong-Brown, Ada Fraser, Sofia Guardado, Ariel Mandegarian, Katherine Mertel, Alyssa Plummer, Gayatri Nagnoor, Thaddeus Nazareno, Sophia Warren, Kristen Williams

Honorable Mentions: Anna Burke, Maya Diaz-Villalta, Fiona Hansen, Carly Hodes, Mariia Kozyreva, Eleanor Marston, Gayatri Nagnoor, Rosie Santa Maria, Emily Mootz, Anya San Nicolas, Emma Scanlan, Ojaswi Sharma, Lauren Soares, Drew Strotman, Paul Tilley, Kyle Torneros, Clare Willa Truby 

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Spectrum was created in 1989 to honor exemplary writing across the disciplines. Potential submissions may include but are not limited to, the following: essays, lab reports, reflections, non-fiction creative writing, Integral seminar essays, and business proposals.  Essays can be nominated by both faculty members and students.

2021 Spectrum Award Winners: Isabella Ateshian, Virginia Barkas, Nataly Berg, Aaron Choi, Grace Clinton, Elizabeth Correa, Maya Diaz-Villalta, AnnaMaria DiGeronimo, Kate Douglas, Kianna Escalante, Sydney Low, Nicholas Nava, Anika O’Donnell, Kayla Stephens, Lina Rak

Honorable Mentions: Kimberly Barga, Virginia Barkas, Olivia Bianic, Niel Caldwell, Maya Diaz-Villalta, Tyler Dunne, Jill Hubbard, Melanie Moyer, Noelle Tham, Allie Uba, Veronika Worth

Latest Issues

Browse the latest issues of the Undergraduate and Spectrum journals. All issues are distributed to the Saint Mary's community and are available to download and share with friends and family.