Students pursuing a degree in Chemistry must satisfy the following requirements:

Admissions Requirements

Students planning for a major in chemistry should present credits for one year of chemistry, one year of physics, and four years of mathematics, and should have at least a B average in these subjects. Students with a good high school record but lacking credit in any of these subjects should remedy any deficiencies in summer school. Students planning a science major should be particularly alert to the language proficiency requirement (see Program of Study) and the math diagnostic prerequisite for entrance in Chem 8

Major Requirements

The Chemistry Department offers several options for the student interested in chemistry:
     1. the standard chemistry major
     2. the chemistry major with an environmental concentration
     3. the biochemistry major (offered jointly with the Biology Department; see Biochemistry for more
A suggested four-year program of study for a major in chemistry or biochemistry is available from any Chemistry Department faculty member. 

Lower Division 

The following lower division courses are required for the two majors in Chemistry:

  • Chemistry 8, 9 (lab), 10, 11 (lab), 89
  • Mathematics 27, 38

Each major has additional lower division requirements as follows:
For the standard chemistry major, students must also take:

  • Mathematics 39
  • Physics 1, 2 (lab), 3, 4 (lab)

For the chemistry major - environmental science concentration, students must also take:

  • Physics 1, 2 (lab), 3, 4 (lab) or Physics 10, 20 (lab), 11, 21 (lab);
  • Biology 1, 1L (lab) 2, 2L (lab)

Upper Division

The following upper-division courses are required for the two courses in Chemistry: Chemistry 104, 106, 114, 115, 130

Each Major has additional upper-division requirements as follows:
For the standard chemistry major, students must take:

  • Chemistry 108, 110, 111 or 119, 118, 197 or 199

For the environmental concentration, students must take:  

  • Biology 125 and either Biology 113, 146, or 152
  • Chemistry 108 or 118, 119 and
  • One additional upper division chemistry course

Prerequisite Grade

Any course listed in this department with a prerequisite assumes a grade of C- or better in the prerequisite course.  

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