Master's Degree in Biotechnology


Cutting-edge research. Hands-on science. A competitive career starts here with a Professional Science Master's in Biotechnology.

The Professional Science Master’s in Biotechnology at Saint Mary’s offers students an elevated education with real-world impact. You’ll grapple with complex business and technology issues in innovative ways, learning through hands-on research that takes you from theory to practice—all shaped by actual leaders in the industry to guarantee relevance and success.

What is the PSM in Biotechnology?

Master’s Degree in Biotechnology student looking through a microscope

How many years for a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology?

Saint Mary's PSM in Biotechnology is a two-year program designed for working professionals culminating in a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology degree upon graduation. The courses offer flexible scheduling options and small class sizes with cohort-style learning that encourages networking and support systems. Students gain hands-on experience in our industry-standard laboratories, tailored courses on the business of biotechnology, and an internship with Bay Area industry leaders in the final semester.

Supercharge Your Future

There’s more than business savvy and molecular biology here—our Masters Degree in Biotechnology curriculum explores the human side of biotechnology with careful consideration of legal, social, and ethical issues for a truly holistic understanding of the field. Check out an in-depth look at our curriculum plan here.

We’re committed to keeping the Masters Degree in Biotechnology accessible. Between FAFSA, teaching and research assistantships, and graduate scholarships for both need and merit, there’s support for every endeavor at Saint Mary’s. Learn more about Tuition & Graduate Financial Aid.

Our nationally-renowned faculty are deeply invested in student success, using their research acumen and professional experience to support and elevate you during the Masters Degree in Biotechnology and into your career afterward. 

Biotech student examining a project.

What can I do with a PSM in Biotechnology?

The Master’s Degree in Biotechnology activates your career—wherever you choose to go with it. PSM graduates go on to work with industry leaders in biotech as scientists, project managers, and more, while others continue as research associates, business-research liaisons, or interface with the public as sales specialists.

Biotech student preparing to use a microscope.

Explore Biotech Admissions

Whether you’ve got a bachelor’s in a biotech-adjacent field or just a strong background in science, the Master’s Degree in Biotechnology degree is right for you!

Saint Mary's PSM in Biotech program utilizes a rolling admissions policy—meaning applications will be reviewed for Fall 2024 on an ongoing basis. That said, students are still encouraged to submit their materials as soon as possible to ensure timely application review and processing.

The PSM in Biotechnology Advisory Board

This is a program for the real world, shaped by the real world. Our advisory board is made up of distinguished Bay Area professionals, whose expert guidance of the Master’s Degree in Biotechnology ensures the program has an impact that exceeds expectations for graduates and the industry alike.

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Vidya Chandrasekaran, Ph.D.
Program Director, PSM in Biotechnology

Collin Skeen
Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment