SSTE Curriculum & Course Schedule

SSTE Curriculum & Course Schedule SSTE Curriculum & Course Schedule


2023-2024 Program of Study & Credential Requirements (35 units*)


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Changes to sequence in your Program of Study must be approved by your advisor. Your signature acknowledges understanding of your responsibility to meet all program and credential requirements.

First Term Summer 2022 (12 units)

TED 501      Learning, Development and Culture (3)

TED 503      Introduction to Special Education (3) 

TED 502      Teaching Emergent Multilingual Students (3)

SSTE 515    Foundations of Secondary Education (3)


Second Term Fall 2022 (9 units)

SSTE 550    Humanizing Education Methods (4)**

SSTE 575    PRAXIS I Seminar (2) + Fieldwork (1)**

SSTE 554    Foundations of Literacy (2)


Third Term Jan 2023 (2 units)

SSTE 527    Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) Support (1)

SSTE 576    Health Education (1)


Required for Daily Supervised Teaching (SSTE 585) fieldwork:

Completion of all course prerequisites with a grade of B- or better

Incomplete grades must be cleared in all coursework

Official documentation of passing the Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) and Subject Matter Skills Requirement (SMCR)


Final Term Spring 2023 (12 units)

SSTE 540    Teaching for Social Justice (3)

SSTE 580    Methods for Liberation (1)

SSTE 580L  Lab Breakout for Specific Content Instruction (3)

SSTE 585    PRAXIS II Seminar (2) + Fieldwork (3)**


Required for Preliminary Credential:

Credential coursework with a B- or better in each course.

Verification of US Constitution knowledge by exam/course(s)

Verification of CPR (adult, infant and child) certification.


Master of Arts in Teaching (plus 12 units*) 

Begin Summer after credential coursework by,submitting Opt-In form. See course descriptions and schedules at MAIT

MAIT 601 Introduction to Inquiry (1)

MAIT 602 Content Knowledge (3) 

MAIT 603 Pedagogical Knowledge (3) (offered Summer and Fall)

MAIT 610 Special Topics in Education (3) (offered Summer, Fall, Spring)

MAIT 604 Capstone Project (2)

If you completed one term of MAIT 604-01 and your capstone project is in-progress:

  • register in the continuation course, MAIT 604-02, each Fall/Spring until completion of project
  • pay $200.00 In-Progress fee for continuation course,MAIT 604-02, each term until completion of project

To be eligible for aid, students must enroll a minimum of 6 units per term for fall and spring graduate semesters, 3 units for the summer semester. Withdrawal from courses may disqualify the student from receiving financial aid. Visit the KSOE GaelGuide for Financial Aid Information or contact the Financial Aid Office.

**hybrid modality