"Each of the LEAP core classes expanded my perspective, and it was a bonus to meet so many insightful dancers through the class discussions. Even though it’s challenging to take courses in the midst of a full-time career, I look back at my LEAP experience with immense gratitude.”
—Gillian Murphy

“LEAP prepared me to go to graduate school and opened the door to opportunities that would have been impossible without the Bachelor’s degree.”
—Gabriel Williams

“I am an adult learner and to have my professional experiences be recognized, valued, and credited gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to step back into the classroom.”
—Tammy Silva-Pessagno

"LEAP provides a unique and sophisticated learning environment."
—James Fayette


With classes offered in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and Las Vegas, LEAP serves more than 300 current and former professional dancers from leading ballet, modern, and ethnic dance companies as well as musical theater, TV, and film.

Traditionally, a dancer's rigorous training and the professional demands of a full-time dance career didn't allow for an academic education beyond secondary school. It was very difficult to prepare for the career transition that every dancer must face.

LEAP changed all that by making it possible for professional dancers to achieve their academic dreams.  LEAP offers:

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree in three to four years of part-time study.
  • A comprehensive liberal arts education at a nationally recognized college.
  • A highly individualized curriculum.
  • The tools for career advancement or career transition upon retirement from dance.
  • Class locations and schedules that are compatible with the performance and touring calendars of professional dancers.
  • Options to earn college credit for professional dance experience as well as for prior learning in other subject areas.
  • Resources, counseling, financial aid and moral support.


The LEAP program works, and it has changed the world of dance.


Photo credit, top left: Joaquin De Luz by Deborah Ory and Ken Browar