Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication

Connecting with People, Connecting with the World

A One-of-a-kind Master's Program

The Master of Arts Program in Intercultural Communication at Saint Mary's College of California provides students with the ability to communicate through difference to form bonds connecting cultures, to do business across borders, and to build bridges between people. 

The only one of it's kind in the Bay Area, the MAIC program offers a two-year course of study which focuses on communication challenges and opportunities across cultures. We place emphasis on shared inquiry and critical thinking to equip our students to work, learn and live in an increasingly diverse, globalized, and data-driven world. Students work closely with invested faculty who bring intercultural communication expertise and experience into the classroom.



A World of Possibilities

Student engagement in the program will be built on self-reflexivity, awareness, and critical thinking. These skills, coupled with data-driven research opportunities and critical involvement in decision making, embolden students to pursue leadership roles in a variety of fields:

  • Technology 
  • International Business 
  • Social Services
  • Communications
  • Development
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Hospitality
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Healthcare

Passport Required

Students will have the opportunity to study abroad, conducting research and applying intercultural communication methods within international organizations.  Students who choose not to go abroad will engage in an internship at a local international, intercultural organization.