Major Requirements

Students pursuing a degree in Mathematics must satisfy the following requirements: 

Admission Requirements

A student wishing to major in mathematics should have a strong interest in the field and normally a background of four years of high school mathematics (two years of algebra, one year of geometry, and one year of pre-calculus or equivalent). Students fufill the Area B requirement of the pre-2012 general education requirements with the courses required for the math major or minor. 

Major Requirements

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers three tracks within the mathematics major:

     1. Pure Track
     2. Applied Track
     3. Computer Science Track 

All tracks are Bachelor of Science degrees.

Lower Division

The following lower-division classes are required for all tracks in the mathematics major.

  • Math 27, 38, 39
  • Computer Science 21
  • Physics 1, 2 (lab), 3, 4 (lab) or Chemistry 8, 9 (lab), 10, 11 (lab)

Upper Division

Pure Track

The pure track is designed for students considering graduate study in mathematics or secondary mathematics teaching.

  • Math 103, 111, 120, 150, and 196
  • Two additional courses from Math 115, 131, and 183
  • Three upper division mathematics courses (excluding Math 101)
Applied Track

The applied track is designed for students planning on entering industry directly from college.

  • Math 103, 120, 196
  • Math 111 or 150
  • Three additional courses from 113, 114, 134, and CS 102
  • Two upper division electives at most one of which is a CS course (exluding Math 101)
Computer Science Track

The Computer Science track is designed for students interested in an emphasis in Computer Science.

  • Math 103, 120, 140, and 196
  • CS 102
  • Math 111 or 150
  • Three upper division electives at least two of which are CS courses (exluding Math 101)

Secondary Teaching

All students in California planning to enroll in a teaching credential program in mathematics after earning their undergraduate degree are required to demonstrate subject matter competency in mathematics prior to admission to a credential program. Students at Saint Mary's College exhibit this competency by taking and passing the CSET (California Subject Exam for Teachers) in mathematics. Students interested in becoming a secondary mathematics teacher are advised to complete the following upper-division courses to prepare for the CSET while fufilling the mathematics major:
     Math 103, 111, 113, 115, 120, 131, 150, 196
The California Commision on Teacher Credentialling (CCTC) also requires students to obtain "pre-professional experience" before entering a credential program. This requirement is satisfied by the course EDUC 122: Field Experience, offered in the January Term at SMC. Students are required to contact the School of Education in September of their sophomore or junior year to meet with the faculty member teaching EDUC 122. Students should also speak with a representative of the School of Education to learn of any other requirements of the state of California for prospective secondary teachers. 

Suggested Four Year Program

A suggested four-year program of study for a major in mathematics is available from any department member. First-year students should take Math 27 and Math 38 and CS 21. Failure to take these courses in the first year may make it impossible to complete the major in four years. Students wishing to concentrate in computer science should take both CS 21 and 102 in thei first or second year. It is also recommended for students to enroll in Physics 1, 2 (lab), 3, 4 (lab), or Chemistry 8, 9 (lab), 10, 11 (lab) in the first year.