Hi, I'm Sharon and This Is What My Masters in Accounting Degree Looks Like

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MS in Accounting

Sharon Alberts, '20

Currently: President at Talus Construction 
Campus: Moraga

  Saint Mary's College of California Best Regional Universities West US News Ranking

My name is Sharon Alberts. I'm the President of Talus Construction, a Bay Area Site Utility Company. We are going into our 29th year of business.

  • Why did you choose Saint Mary's College?

    I chose Saint Mary's College for its reputation.  A CPA that worked for a firm my company used a number of years ago referred me to the program.  Secondly, the hybrid program was a big draw.  I had considered the Santa Clara program but it was too rigid and allowed no time to breathe.

  • How do you balance school and work?

    Balance is the difficult part. Fulltime work and finding time to read and cover homework for 2 classes is a tall task.  Usually, I do a few early morning homework sessions a week before I leave for work. I try to finish the rest of the coursework on the weekends I don’t have class.  On the nights of the online sessions, I usually jump on my Spin bike after work to clear my head before tuning in online.  I have to mention the support of my husband. . . he has brought my dinner computer side on more than a few occasions.  He is the best.

  • Discuss your classroom and online experience.

    The hybrid program offers an environment for working adults that still allows time to calendar family trips or visits between weekends.  My first class started ahead of the calendared date and there I was giving up 2 nights from Cabo to listen to Dr. V. I have listened to class sessions from Michigan when visiting my daughter,  from a hotel room while attending a conference, and at the end of the last session I was able to listen to a recorded online version because a work conference conflict came up – with an excused absence of course.