We hope you will join us in shaping the future of the museum and bringing art to the community. Your gift to the SMCMoA Fund will help us advance the six core priorities of the Museum:


Exhibitions – support the breadth and diversity of our exhibition programs providing funds for exhibition rentals, shipping costs, catalogs, and overall development.

Outreach – support outreach efforts on campus and to the broader Bay Area community.

Internship opportunities for students – provide students hands-on experience in an accredited museum and the opportunity to work with a permanent collection, exhibit development, and interactive exhibition materials.

Educational programs – strengthen the ability to offer life-long learning opportunities for community members through lectures, workshops, and symposiums.

Conservation – support the conservation of works in the permanent collection.

Acquisition – fund the acquisition of works for the permanent collection.

Gift of Art – enhance the SMCMoA’s collection with a gift of art. Please contact John Schneider at (925) 631-4363 for more information.