LAB Intern Scholarship Recipient: Madeline Martinez ’24

by James Brumley, LAB Marketing and Communications Liaison | September 17, 2023

Madeline Martinez '24, a Politics major at SMC, first learned about the opportunities offered by the Liberal Arts Bridge Program through her fellow students. Intrigued by the intern scholarship opportunity, she decided to explore it further. Madeline secured an internship in the House of Representatives for the House Committee on Small Business in Washington, DC. However, as is typical in major urban centers, the cost of living, including food and housing, proved to be a significant financial challenge, and her internship stipend alone couldn't cover these expenses.

Determined to make the most of her internship experience, Martinez diligently completed the scholarship application and subsequently became eligible for financial assistance. Reflecting on the impact of this support, she expressed, "The scholarship truly alleviated the financial burden I faced, allowing me to concentrate on my internship responsibilities. It empowered me to deliver my best work." During her three-month stint in the nation's capital, Madeline's duties centered on policy research, preparing for hearings, and advocating for bills—a testament to her commitment to the field of public policy. She acknowledged the unique challenges of securing an internship in Washington, DC, saying, "Interning in the nation's capital is highly competitive and can be daunting. This experience has undoubtedly ignited my passion for public policy, and I am grateful for the scholarship opportunity provided by LAB."

This financial backing ensures that students like Madeline can fully immerse themselves in their internship experiences without the added stress of financial constraints, enabling them to acquire invaluable insights and skills that will undoubtedly shape their future careers.

Back on campus, Madeline Martinez actively serves as a LAB ambassador, participating in various program events throughout the year. Those interested in connecting with Madeline and other LAB ambassadors can look forward to the Wine and Beer Workshop on October 12th—an ideal opportunity to engage with the vibrant LAB community.


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