LAB Intern Scholarship Recipients: Emily Dratva & Nick Kaye

by James Brumley, LAB Marketing and Communications Liaison | September 17, 2023
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Emily Dratva '25 is an integral major at Saint Mary’s who is interested in pursuing law school upon graduation. Emily acquired an internship at Bronski, P.C., a private law firm in San Francisco. Here, Dratva helped research various cases and hearings as an unpaid assistant to a paralegal. However, even after obtaining such a valuable, career-bolstering opportunity, Emily still worried about how she would save for law school, register for upcoming LSATS, and pay for her tuition.

As a member of the Integral Program at SMC, Emily reached out to her mentors for support, who referred her to an informational meeting on how to apply for the LAB Intern Scholarship. “I’m really grateful because this is the experience I needed on my resume to keep going and pursue law as a career,” says Dratva,  “At the informational meeting, I spoke with other student candidates who were interested in the scholarship and I thought it was really interesting how although we were all in different boats and pursuing different careers, LAB was still able to provide this opportunity for all of us,” she says. 

Scholarships and funding opportunities are often the keys that unlock doors to internships and experiences that might otherwise be financially out of reach for students. Saint Mary's College's commitment to providing these resources ensures that every student, regardless of their background or financial situation, has the chance to pursue valuable internships that align with their academic interests and career aspirations. Be sure to spot Emily and other LAB ambassadors at upcoming events this fall semester.


Nick Haye

Sports Band President Nick Kaye discovered the LAB program at SMC when he was faced with the challenge of covering travel expenses for his internship in North Carolina. His introduction to the program came through a conversation with Dr. Sixto F. Montesinos Jr., the head of the music department at SMC. After this discussion, Kaye reached out to the LAB advisory board and subsequently attended an informative meeting. Following this initial step, he completed the scholarship application process and became eligible for financial assistance. Reflecting on his experience, Kaye emphasized the pivotal role the LAB program played in making his internship a reality, stating, "If I had to shoulder the financial burden myself, I likely wouldn't have had the opportunity to go, and I would have missed out on an invaluable experience that greatly enhances my resume." Throughout the school year, Nick, along with several other LAB ambassadors, actively participates in various program events, including their recent presence at the Student Involvement Fair. Kaye passionately underscores the program's significance, stating, "If you have an internship you're eager to pursue but face financial constraints, LAB can genuinely provide you with the support you need!"

Saint Mary's College of California's Liberal Arts Bridge program's commitment to offering internship scholarship opportunities and financial assistance underscores the institution's unwavering dedication to fostering the success and development of its students. It serves as a shining example of the college's belief that a holistic education encompasses both classroom instruction and hands-on experience, propelling students towards not only academic excellence but also enabling them to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the global stage.


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