Welcome to the 7th Annual ‘44 Days’: Nurturing our Collective Vision

From February 11 to March 30, the campus community hosts events and discussions dedicated to elevating Black narratives, advocating healing justice, and addressing global racial disparities.

by Black Leadership Coalition | February 1, 2024

Join the Black Leadership Coalition (BLC) from February 11 to March 30, 2024, for our 7th Annual “44 Days of Honoring Black History and Culture.” Inspired by the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, this period is dedicated to elevating Black narratives, advocating healing justice, and addressing global racial disparities.

Our journey begins with BLC at the Student Involvement Fair for a 44 Days Kickoff Event on February 7, followed by the Saint Mary's College Museum of Art Spring Exhibition Opening Reception featuring Afro-Cuban artist Harmonia Rosales’ Omega Alpha on February 15. Stay tuned for more events hosted by our campus community, aiming to deepen understanding, spark transformative change, foster critical discussions on mental health, environmental justice, and systemic oppression.

We're excited for our co-sponsored keynote event on March 13, “Do The Work: on Anti-Racism & Intersectionality,” featuring political comedian W. Kamau Bell and author-activist Kate Schatz, offering a compelling look into social justice and activism. The series concludes with the “Family Meeting: Nurturing A Shared Vision” on March 30, a forum for Black Gaels to share stories and strategies for change.

Kamau Bell and Kate Schatz
Do the Work: W. Kamau Bell and Kate Schatz will be part of a 44 Days keynote event on March 13.

Embody the spirit of UJIMA

This year's theme, "Nurturing Our Collective Vision," strongly affirms our commitment to systemic transformation and the powerful impact of Black advocacy. Embracing a grassroots, decentralized approach, we embody the spirit of UJIMA (oo-JEE-mah), directing our efforts to overcome cultural taxation and to broaden representation. In 2024, our focus is resolutely set on fostering collective work and responsibility.

Our commitment includes building alliances and driving change for the benefit of Black students, staff, faculty, and alumni. We encourage you to join us as volunteers, to innovate in programming, to actively participate, and to spark meaningful conversations. Together, let's engage in communal stewardship, shaping a campus that actively celebrates Black history, culture, and contributions throughout the year.

LEARN MORE about 44 Days and watch for more events in the weeks ahead.