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Career Courses Career Courses

New Career Management Courses for Fall 2023

Learn about the hidden job market and how to create relationships with professionals to effectively launch your job and internship search.

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SMC 150 - Assessment, Exploration and Discovery


  • Identify your strengths, interests, values, personality, skills and motivators and explore how they are related to careers
  • Utilize career and professional development resources, including in-person opportunities as well as tools (i.e., Handshake)
  • Learn about all aspects of the career decision-making process
  • Participate in informational interviews with professionals
  • Build your skills in resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile creation and management and more
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SMC 250 - Career Launch - Strategy and Success


  • Understand the complexities of organizational communication
  • Build a network of support within the professional community
  • Improve the level of professionalism in communication and time management
  • Access resources to help increase competitiveness on the job market
  • Recognize how to strategically communicate your value to an organization