Career Events

Employer Career Events

By participating in our Career Events, employers gain valuable access to a diverse pool of talented students. Our events provide numerous opportunities for you to showcase your company's brand, mission, and employment opportunities. Additionally, we offer exclusive access to pre-screened resumes and candidate profiles, ensuring that you connect with the most promising individuals.  Employers can directly engage with Saint Mary's College students through one-on-one conversations, interviews, and interactive sessions, fostering meaningful interactions and facilitating the hiring process.

Career Trek to Twitter

Host a Career Trek

Discover the advantages of hosting a career trek for your organization. By opening your doors and providing an immersive experience, you can showcase your company's culture, values, and work environment directly to potential talent. Attract top talent, build a talent pipeline, strengthen your brand, and contribute to the growth and advancement of your industry. Position your organization as an employer of choice and gain a competitive edge by hosting a career trek.

Industry Meet up Event

Industry Meet Ups

Our Industry Meet Ups provide an excellent platform for fostering connections between employers and our talented students. Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange industry insights, and potentially identify exceptional candidates for internships, mentorships, and full-time positions. We offer a diverse pool of aspiring professionals across various disciplines. Saint Mary's College meet-ups aim to facilitate networking and collaboration, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership between your organization and our students.