Town and Country: Jessica Dunne and Louis LaBrie

June 2 - August 12, 2007

Gallery Selects Two Rising Stars to Showcase in 2007 Contemporary Landscape Exhibition

The Hearst Art Gallery has paired two of the most intriguing, unusual and gifted contemporary California landscape painters for "Town and Country: Jessica Dunne and Louis LaBrie," on view from June 2 to August 12. Dunne's dramatic, expansive and atmospheric urbanscapes are presented alongside LaBrie's meticulously painted, often tiny and jewel-like vistas in one of the most visually beguiling summer landscape exhibitions ever presented by the Saint Mary's College art museum. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Dunne - Contorted Willow Dunne - Manhole Cover Dunne - A Friend of Willie B
Dunne - Shortcut Dunne - The Office Virginia Dunne - Velocity
Dunne - Wet Pavement Dunne - Littoral Life Dunne - The Wise View
LaBrie - Autumn Walk LaBrie - Breaker Sea Ranch LaBrie - Morning Glow, Mt.
LaBrie - The Edge LaBrie - The Road Less Taken LaBrie - Veil of Fog
LaBrie - West Fork Carson LaBrie - Hill Press LaBrie - Hot Creek
LaBrie - Escape from the Zoo LaBrie - Cool-Clear-Water Dunne - Beholder

To learn more about Jessica Dunne and Louis LaBrie, the two contemporary landscape artists selected for the biennial contemporary landscape exhibition opening June 2, please visit their web sites: