Ryan Renolds: Landscape Assembled

Ryan Reynolds

Red CraneRyan M. Reynolds was born in Simi Valley, CA in 1974 and started painting with his grandmother, an art teacher, at the age of six.  He received a BFA from the University of Santa Cruz and an MFA from the University of California, Berkeley where he was awarded the J. Ruth Kelsey Traveling Merit Award, the Eisner Award for the highest achievement in the Creative Arts, and a full tuition grant.  Currently he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, drawn primarily to the diverse urban landscape of the hills and bay lands. He is an assistant professor at Santa Clara University, where he has taught painting and drawing since 2005. 

Reynolds is primarily a landscape artist whose work evokes the elements of time and the presence of place to which the viewer can directly relate. Every brushstroke is an observation and an impulse which accumulates over hours and weeks of study, resulting in a visual representation of the abstract concept of time.

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