The permanent collection comprises more than 4,500 objects acquired through gifts, bequests, and purchases. Many of these works are on view in exhibitions. Works from the Campus Collection rotate on view in the library, chapel, in secure public spaces, and administrative offices. Many sculptural works enhance the beautiful grounds and gardens of the College.


California Landscape Art:

California landscape art is the main focus of the SMCMoA collection. With more than 170 paintings by William Keith, a leading figure in the history of California landscape painting, the SMCMoA cares for the most comprehensive collections of the artists’ work and archival materials. Expanding from the William Keith Collection, the SMCMoA continues to share the 19th century to current era California interpretations of the landscape represented in various media and artistic movements. 

Smog Alert by Frank Rowe

View more landscape paintings, etchings, photographs featured in the exhibition Aesthetic Forces >>


Highlights include:

Over 170 paintings by William Keith (1838-1911), California's foremost landscape painter at the end of the 19th century

150 other American paintings, primarily by late 19th-early 20th century California artists, including Albert Bierstadt, Norton Bush, William Coulter, Armin Hansen, Helen Hyde, George Inness, Elizabeth Emerson Keith, Maurice Logan and J. Francis Murphy

21 drawings and watercolors by Morris Graves

32 etchings by California printmaker Roi Partridge

20 drawings and prints and 1 oil painting by California artist Frank Van Sloun

12 Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque wooden sculptures

100 prints and drawings related to Don Quixote

50 prints and other objects relating to wine and winemaking

577 photographs of California landscapes by Stanley Truman

More than 600 African, Oceanic, Asian and Native-American ethnographic objects

Large-scale color prints by Gregory Kondos, Frank Lobdell, Manuel Neri, Nathan Oliveira and Wayne Thiebaud

European prints and paintings highlighted by a large-scale Emile Bernard painting and recently discovered early Giambatista Tiepolo ink and wash drawing

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