Spring 2023


Jacob Lawrence: Three Series of Prints 

February 15 through May 14, 2023

Opening Celebration: February 16 

This traveling exhibition brings forward 31 graphic prints created by renowned American artist Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000). Grappling with historical struggles and cultural injustices, the exhibition highlights selected prints from the Hiroshima Series, the Genesis Series, and the Toussaint L’Ouverture Series created in the 1980s and 1990s.  

From the collections of Dr. & Mrs. Leon Banks and Alitash Kebede. The exhibition and museum tour were organized by Landau Traveling Exhibitions of Los Angeles, CA. 


From the Ground Up

February 15 through June 18, 2023

Opening Celebration: February 16 

Louis Siegriest (1899-1989) captured the vast changes in built and unbuilt land in the West through his 20th-century paintings. This exhibition brings forward an oeuvre of work that contextualizes the artist's influences and exploration of land, memory, and materials –unearthed from the ground up.



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