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The Comprehensive Keith: The Hundred Year History of the Saint Mary's College Collection of Works by William Keith. Text by Alfred C. Harrison, Jr., Jeanne McKee Rothe and Andrea Rothe, and Julian Billotte, $35

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Kal Spelletich: Significance Machines and Purposeful Robots, Essays by Anuradha Vikram and Tanya Zimbardo, 13 images, soft cover # ISBN 978-0-578-54675-9,  $20


Richard McLean: Master Artist Tribute IX Houses, Landscape, and Portraits25 pgs., ISBN #978-886091-29-0, $10

Living Color: Inside the Outsiders, essay by Sarah Beserra, 20 pgs., full color, $10 Outsiders  
The Nature of Collecting: Early 20th Century Fine Art Collection of Roger Epperson, St. Mary’s Museum of Art, 39 pgs., ISBN# 978-1-886091-30-6, $20, soft cover Epperson  

Pam Glover: A Life in Art, essay by Valerie Fahey, 20 pgs., color, $10


Instruments for a New Navigation, Morris Graves, text by Nancy Wilson Ross, 28 pgs., $2


Superbly Independent: Early California Paintings by Annie Harmon, Mary DeNeale Morgan and Marion Kavanagh Wachtel, Essay by Erika Esau, 43 pgs., full color, ISBN1-886091-28-5, $14

Superbly Independent  

The Second Golden Age of Dutch Art: 19th Century Paintings from the Beekhuis  

Collection 2008, Essay by Thea Grigsby, 63 pgs., 60 color images, Softcover,

ISBN #1-886091-27-7, $15

Carl Sammons: California Impressionists Landscapes 2008, Essay by Julie

Armistead, 28 pgs., 25 color images, Softcover, ISBN # 1-886091-26-, $10, OUT OF PRINT

Early Artists of the Bohemian Club 2002, Essay by Ann Harlow, 25 pgs., 26 color images, 1 b/w Soft cover, ISBN # 1-886091-18-8, $10

Masquerade and Revelation: A William Wolff Retrospective 2002,  Essay by Art Hazelwood, 24 pgs., 20 color images, 11 b/w images Soft cover, 24 pgs, ISBN # 1-886091-17-X, $5


Master Artist Tribute VI: Stephen De Staebler, A Thirty Year Survey 2003,  Essays by George Neubert, Dore Ashton, Ph.D., Peter Selz Ph.D., Franklin Parrasch, Donald Kuspit, Ph.D., Doug Adams, Ph.D., Ramsey Bell Breslin 28 pgs., 22 color images. Soft cover, ISBN # 1-886091-19-6, $10

De Stabler

Water, Land and Sky: Rediscovering Albert Thomas DeRome 2004,  Essay by Deborah Gilbert 15 pgs., 13 color images, 1 b/w Soft cover, ISBN # 1-886091-20-, $5

Written By Brother F. Cornelius Braeg, F.S.C.
Keith: Old Master of California Vol. II, 1956, $10

William Keith: The Saint Mary's College Collection. 1994 Edition

Soft cover (ISBN 1-886091-07-2) - $5

Hard cover (ISBN 1-886091-06-4) - $10


William Keith: The Artist and His Times (video) 1995 Video (ISBN 1-886091-11-0), $14

Artists of Contra Costa County 1990 Soft cover - $8

Contra Costa

Wayne Thiebaud at Seventy 1990  Essay by Ann Harlow, 10 pgs., 5 color and 1 b/w illustration, Soft cover, $10


The Art of the Mask 1991  Essay by Marvin Schenck, 14 pgs., 9 b/w illustrations, Soft cover, $10

Art of the Mask

Maurice Logan, Artist and Designer 1991, Essay by Marvin Schenck, 16 pgs., 8 color and 4 b/w illustrations, Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-02-1, $10


Charles Strong,  1991, Essay by Charles Shere, 10 pgs., 4 color and 8 b/w illustrations, Soft cover, $10


Bicoastal Artists of the 1870s, 1992, Essay by Ann Harlow, 16 pgs., 10 

color illustrations. Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-03-X, $5

Nathan Oliveira: Figurative Works 1958-1992, 1992  Essay by Marvin Schenck, 16 pgs., 9 color and 8 b/w illustrations, Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-04-8, $4


Modern British Art: Vorticism and the Grosvenor School 1912-1935. 1993  Text by Judith C. Eurich, 28 pgs., 10 color and 9 b/w illustrations Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-05 6, $10

British Art

Gregory Kondos: Yosemite and Other California Landscapes 1993

Introduction by Ann Harlow, Foreword by David Forgang, 35 pgs.,  21 color and 2 b/w illustrations, Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-08-0, $10

African Alchemy: Art for Healing in African Societies 1994 Text by Gregory Ghent, photographs by Scott McCue, 52 pgs., 12 color and 23 b/w illustrations, Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-09-9, $13

African Alchemy

Manuel Neri: A Sculptor's Drawings. 1994  Essays by Jack Cowart and Price

Amerson, 68 pgs., 93 color and 2 illustrations, Soft cover, ISBN 0-88675-041-5, $19

Icons and Easter Eggs of Imperial Russia 1995  Essay by Andre Ruzhnikov and Ann Harlow, 16 pgs., 43 color illustrations, Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-10-2, $5

Icons and Easter Eggs

Robert Kehlmann: Painting with Glass, A Retrospective. 1996  Essays by Susanne K. Frantz, William Warmus and Marvin Schenck, 48 pgs., 26 color and 10 b/w illustrations, Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-12-9, $10


Stanley Truman: Fifty Years of Photography 1996, Essay by Marvin Schenck, 40 pgs., 30 color and 5 b/w illustrations, Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-13-7, $10


Terry St. John: Paintings, 1981-1997. 1998  Essay and introduction by Marvin Schenck, 12 pgs., 8 color and 1 b/w illustration, Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-14-5, $10

St. John


C.S. Price: Landscape, Image and Spirit. 1998  Essay by Roger Saydack, 40 pgs., 30 color and 5 b/w illustrations, Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-15-3, $5


Frank Lobdell: Master Artist V, 1998  Essay by Marcia Tanner, 12 pgs., 8 color and 2 b/w illustrations, Soft cover, $4


Point to Point: California Landscapes from Point Reyes to Point Lobos Willard Dixon - Peter Loftus 2000, Essay by Robert McDonald, 14 pgs., 8 color images Soft cover, $10

Point to Point

A Sense of Place: Pam Glover and the Siegriest Legacy 2000 Essay by Robert McDonald, 14 pgs., 8 color images Soft cover, $7


Manuel Valencia: California's Native Son Essay by Julie Armistead, 14 pgs., 17 color images Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-24, $5

Town and Country: Jessica Dunne and Louis LaBrie Essay by Meredith Tromble, 16 pgs., 17 color images Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-24-2, $4

Footloose in Arcadia: Artists and Authors of Piedmont from 1890 to 1930 

Essay by Ann Swift, 22 pgs., 19 color images Soft cover, ISBN 1-886091-25-0, $8 (out of print)


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