Test-Optional Policy FAQs

You are more than a test score

Saint Mary’s College has a test-optional admissions policy for first-year students.

The policy change makes submitting SAT or ACT test scores optional for admissions purposes. Students have the option to include their test scores if they feel those scores support their potential as a Saint Mary’s student. Saint Mary’s made this decision based on our Lasallian Core Principles of Inclusive Community and Concern for the Poor and Social Justice. We determined that standardized test scores may not accurately indicate the academic ability for all student populations, including people lacking access to test preparation courses and tutors; those who can’t afford to retake the test; students with learning and physical differences; and English language learners.

We know that successful Saint Mary’s students are more than an assigned number or ranking. We are interested in the full scope of a student’s capabilities and character, not just their ability to take tests. Our holistic application-review process allows us to maintain high academic standards and ensures that students with the capacity to succeed will be admitted, regardless of whether they submit test scores.

As long as you meet other admissions requirements, you get to decide if your test scores represent your accomplishments and potential. If you feel they don’t, you can choose to leave them out of your application. You will not be penalized if you don’t submit your scores or decide not to take the test, and your application will be evaluated for the same admission and merit scholarships consideration as students who do submit scores. There are some circumstances in which students are still required to submit scores; please see our FAQ page for these cases.

*Last Updated on September 2, 2021