Interfaith Leadership Minor

Today where cross-cultural and cross-religious contacts are nearly ubiquitous, professionals in various sectors (e.g., healthcare, law, business, education, NGOs, government service and public policy) are beginning to recognize the need to address the religious/spiritual dimensions of their work not only to serve more compassionately and effectively, but also to contribute to the evolution of a more inclusive and just society. 

The Interfaith Leadership Minor is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with a set of competencies and perspectives to begin to understand what is at stake in our religiously diverse world and how to make a difference in it in their own lives and in whatever careers they pursue.

Those who develop the capacities of interfaith leadership understand that religion can be a source of conflict or an invitation to cooperation, and they know how to lead others toward the latter.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • IDENTITY/BIAS: Reflect on students’ own and others’ identity formation and perspective; articulate how religious and other identities and worldviews affect perceptions of issues that arise in various environments and situations; and articulate how such perceptions can result in bias.
  • COMMUNICATION/DIALOGUE: Demonstrate effective communication and dialogue facilitation skills that can be used to address interreligious conflict and promote interfaith cooperation, engagement, and understanding.
  • RELIGIOUS LITERACY: Demonstrate an understanding of what it means to be religiously literate; articulate ways that religions differ in thought, practice, and organization; and articulate the meaning of “pluralism” in this context.
  • LEADERSHIP:  Identify interfaith challenges and opportunities; propose inclusive methods for addressing them; and articulate how to lead implementation of those inclusive methods.
  • APPLICATION: Demonstrate interfaith leadership (as defined above) in a collaborative community-based project.

Lower Division Course Descriptions

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Upper Division Course Descriptions

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