All new Saint Mary's students are required to attend a New Student Orientation session before beginning their first semester of courses.

The International Student Orientation makes your transition to the United States easier. Through interactive workshops, off-campus experiences and presentations, you will be introduced to concepts of intercultural communication and practice together to build a strong cultural foundation to help you settle into your new lives at Saint Mary’s. During orientation, you will be involved in workshops and activities to help you assimilate more quickly into American academic life. In addition, important information regarding immigration regulations, F-1 student status and international students and the law will be covered.

You move into your residence hall on Tuesday, August 21 and begin the International Student Orientation the morning of Wednesday, August 22, 2018. 

Please complete the International Student Arrival Information Form once you book your flight. 

You must also attend the traditional Student Orientation, Session IV, scheduled for August 22, 2018 for first year students and August 10, 2017 for transfer students.

For more information regarding International Student Orientation, visit the Center for International Programs.


All students are charged a one-time $250 Orientation fee applied directly to their student account. The fee covers all costs associated with Orientation, administrative needs, materials, food, and staffing.