Economics, Sustainability Concentration, BS

Economics, Sustainability Concentration, BS

Concerned with balancing economic growth, a healthy environment, and a fair distribution of income and privilege? This program is for you.

This interdisciplinary concentration is aimed at students interested in the environmental and social impacts of growing economies.  As a BS degree, it’s perfect for those continuing on into professional studies and the public or nonprofit sectors. 

Guided by our renowned, approachable faculty, you’ll explore how sustainability and prosperity connect and conflict, integrating the approaches of economics with the sciences and humanities. You’ll receive plenty of hands-on research opportunities, too, through internships and a semester of studying abroad. All of this takes place within small, discussion-based classes, a hallmark of the liberal arts tradition.

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Learning Outcomes

B.S. Economics graduates will...

  1. effective economic analysts.
  2. able to apply economic theories.
  3. ...have well developed critical thinking skills.


“During my time at SMC, I experienced in-depth research with much support from hands-on faculty members. Not only did my skills in research and development improve, but my ability to articulate and explain complex information and concepts at a high level flourished as well. The aforementioned skills have propelled me to where I am now as an Account Executive for one of the fastest growing tech Startups in Silicon Valley just one year post-graduation.”

Jacob Ricafrente, Class of 2021

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