Global and Regional Studies: Latin America Concentration, BA

Global and Regional Studies: Latin America Concentration, BA

The Latin America Concentration is a multidisciplinary program that supplies students with the skills and knowledge base to tackle challenges and make connections in the region of their interest. 

Our seasoned, approachable faculty will guide you through a diverse set of global topics, including world history, macroeconomics, cultural geography, and world politics, with an emphasis on the culture and customs of Latin America. From there, you have the opportunity to craft your educational trajectory, with multiple study abroad opportunities, a required minor in the subject of your choice, and course offerings in everything from archaeology to literature. Your studies will culminate with an original contribution to the field of Global Studies research. 

You will leave this program with greater language proficiency, cultural literacy, and communication and critical thinking skills, all valuable assets in any future career.

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Graduates of the Global and Regional Studies Program will demonstrate the following...

  • Define their place as citizens in global society.
  • Understanding of the political, economic, cultural interconnectedness that constitutes our world today.
  • Ability to communicate at a basic functional level of proficiency in a language, other than English, specific to the geographical region of study.
  • Ability to analyze specific social aspects of a geographical region employing in a competent and creative way the appropriate conceptual and theoretical tools of the following disciplines: anthropology, economics, history, literature and art, and politics.
  • Ability to investigate the increasing interdependent nature and complexity of cultural, economic, environmental, political, and social processes that constitute the global experience, and to examine those processes from a global justice perspective.

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“The education I received from St. Mary’s has helped me enormously. I would not have this job without the Spanish I learned. Cultural competency is also extremely important when working with people from different cultures.”

Rachel Kane, Class of 2016


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