Global and Regional Studies


Designed for students who have a passion for the culture, politics, art, and languages of the world and can’t wait to take part.

This multidisciplinary program, with its small class sizes and devoted faculty, will allow you to concentrate your studies on the area of your choice: global affairs, globalization processes, or the dynamics of a specific geographical region of the world. You will engage with several academic disciplines while working toward language proficiency, cultural literacy, and a residential experience abroad.

Our students have a sense of adventure, an inquiring mind and the desire to experience foreign cultures. Immersion in another culture expands your understanding of the human experience and permanently enriches your life. In addition, in today's globalizing world, experience living abroad is a key asset if not a prerequisite for many jobs.

Come join our community!

Success Stories

alum standing outside

“There are not a lot of institutions that offer global politics degrees, and I might not have gotten into UCLA if it were not for the amazing letters of recommendation my professors wrote. I really owe a lot to them.”

Isabel Alvarez (Jeronimo) Guzman ’20


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School Information

María Luisa Ruiz - Program Director

Justine Wong - Administrative Assistant